Sunday, February 5, 2012

these boots are made for walking

Beautiful winter weather at last! It snowed in Germany and has been freezing cold these past few days, but i really enjoyed walked through the snow and getting a break from university! So this sure makes up for not having a white Christmas! :-)
boots, sweater, purse: vintage. necklace: primark, socks: hema, scarf: awg


  1. Super great outfit, I like everything about it! Looks so warm and cosy which fit the deadly cold temperatures we're having quite well :) The sweater looks really comfy, the necklace is pretty and your boots are just cool! :)


  2. Great Outfit and pictures! :)

  3. great winter look you have on!

    I really like the scarf you have on . I think it really rounds your outfit out and blends everything together!


  4. Look at that beautiful blue sky! Looks fantastic!

    Rianna xxx